How you doin'?

Well, since you can't answer, here's how I've been doing

Well hello! Welcome to my portfolio, let me introduce myself: I’m Stephanie, a 26 years young women currently living in Gatineau, Qc, but soon to be a full-time nomad, roaming around our beautiful country in my self-built camper van.

To tell you a little more about me, I’ve always used art as a way to express myself. While my drawing and design skills were still developing (i.e. my teenage years), I spent my time dancing, and a little later, I discovered cheerleading. This sport remained a big part of my life until 2018, the year where I got to represent my country and sport in demonstrations at the PyeongChang Olympic Games. That year, my team and I also won Worlds Championship. After all of this, I turned my artistic expression into design by getting enrolled at la Cité Collégiale in the Graphic Design program. These three years taught me alot, especially the passion I have for illustration and graphic design.

My Experience

As I previously mentioned, illustration is my passion. So it comes to no surprise that Adobe Illustrator and Procreate are my two favourite softwares for creating and designing.
I also have good knowledge of the following Adobe programs: Photoshop, InDesign, After Effect, Xd and Premier Rush.

My Skills



Adobe Illustrator


Adobe InDesign


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